Buck Jones
I dream in lucid dreams and I can control what I can do in my dreams. So when I dream I am not part of the dream but just an observer, like watching a play unfold from inside.
I write what I see and descibe what I feel. I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I did writing them.


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I'm handicapped, but it wasn't always that way. I’ve been a Marine, a Body Guard, a bouncer, a mechanic, and a computer specialist. In my 60 years, I’ve heard stories from people that have been around the world and back. I’ve read over 3500 books and listened to stories of adventure and intrigue from people whose computers needed work. A great many of them very interesting.
I'm a history enthusiast and revel in the far ancient times before so called civilization or the far off science fiction tales. The stories must be believable and seemingly possible or I discount them as balderdash, hog wash, or malarkey.
I have my own writing style and matter of factness that some find refreshing and others unimaginative. If you read my writing, then you decide.
I look more mountain man and less geeky but I'm both so take a look and try my tales out. I don't think that you'll be disappointed. I've had type 2 diabetes for over 38 years. This disease has damaged my body but not my mind.